The Flux #websitein3days Challenge

A fantastic workshop organised by Ran Segall of Flux Academy, but sadly I just don’t have the time to fully participate. However, I was really keen to have a quick go.

The challenge

The challenge is quite simple. With a very short brief, design a brand and website for a fictional company. In this case, PlanCo.

“PlanCo is an outdoor travel planning agency based in San Fransisco. Its mission is to help people get in touch with nature and explore new places out of the beaten path.”

My attempt

With limited time, I threw together a logo (don’t look too closely at the edges) and homepage design for the website. I opted for a colour palette of greens, blues and a very faint yellow. I wanted it to feel premium as “PlanCo pricing is higher than alternatives as it’s trying to position itself as an upscale option.” 

And here is the homepage I designed in full…


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