Client Project

High Row Music

I was approached by High Row Music initially to implement some changes to their existing website that would allow for greater control over how they presented their bands and categories.

The Brief

New landing pages would tie in with High Row Music’s new Google Ads strategy and allow for finely tuned keyword targeting and user experience i.e. a user searches for ‘Jazz wedding band’, they land on the Jazz wedding band page.

And then what…?

It quickly became apparent however that the site was in bad shape. It was built years ago by a company and modified by another since. Based upon a custom theme and using some little known plugins, site speed and functionality suffered hugely so to press on with the original plan would be fruitless.

Instead, we reassessed and decided I would rebuild the entire site using Elementor Pro. This would open the door to the extra functionality we were originally looking to add, but also have a massive impact on site speed and therefore, in turn, user experience. Reliability and security moving forward would also be greatly improved.

What was used?

As mentioned before, the site was rebuilt using Elementor Pro in conjunction with a Dynamic content plugin. I also produced basic user flows in Adobe XD and mockups using Photoshop.

‘High Row Music Events engaged with James to restructure and speed up our website. He really has made a massive difference on both fronts.His changes have made the site easier for our visitors to find what they are looking for and importantly for our SEO, it is now comparable in speed to companies that have a thousand times our budget. He has a brilliant understanding of the technology and how to utilise it best for our purposes. Very impressive’
Marcus Groundwater


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