New Doritos logo

My Take On a New Doritos Logo & Website

I clocked a semi-viral post with a Doritos redesign that went down like a lead balloon. I don’t like to overly criticise other designers work, particularly when I don’t know the full story and with logo design as it’s not my biggest strength. But I saw it and my first thought was that it just didn’t fit with the Doritos strong branding and my second thought was, I reckon I could do better.

So here’s my quick effort. It’s a similar style to the #fakenews redesign which I think did successfully identify the problem with Doritos current logo; it looks very outdated (and is actually, it was revealed in 2007). So this features a much flatter, more simple and modern aesthetic but without being too far removed from the current branding people know and love.

To my eye, this design brings the branding up to date but whilst still being very recognisably Doritos.

New Doritos logo

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