Client Project

Yoga My Life

Yoga My Life is the brainchild of a passionate Yoga Therapist determined to build a company that is more than just its products, but about genuine self-care. Farah’s passion for actually doing something meaningful is clear and she truly believes in the benefits her brand can bring.

The Brief

YML was a new business on a budget looking to get a website that could deliver their knowledge and teachings as well as house eCommerce functionality for their line of skincare products.


Custom Post Types for Instructional Guides
Ecommerce functionality
Digital Art section were users can customise orders
Really avoid it feeling too much like a pushy ecommerce store

Competitor Analysis

With all my web design projects one of the first steps of the process is competitor analysis. It’s super important to figure out what the competition is doing well and what they’re doing poorly but also, opportunities we want to take; just because a competitor is doing something badly doesn’t mean necessarily we want to do it and equally, just because a competitor is doing something very well doesn’t mean we’ll want to copy it. 


Very strong brand
Super clean website


Navigation is tricky/too small
Photography is very high quality
Too much focus on being a fashion brand


More oganic feeling
Selfcare & Practices > Product & Brand

User Personas

We created multiple user personas (below is just a small taste) in order to really understand the needs and frustrations of our users as well as what they expect from a site such as this. We use these personas throughout the project to inform our decisions. 


Zoe is a 26 year old care worker who works long hours in a care home. She spends most of her time browsing the web and social media on her phone and has recently taken up yoga during lockdown. She’s tried a few apps but nothing too serious. Zoe is looking to improve her yoga technique to build up her flexibility and overall fitness.

Care Home Worker
£24k PA


Mobile 80%
Desktop 60%
Tablet 60%
Email 70%
Phone 30%
Live Chat 95%


Collecting Data...

I’m just getting some figures together, please check back soon.

James has been absolutely brilliant from my first point of contact to discuss my website e-commerce requirements to the development of my site. His attention to detail and understanding of my vision for my business was on point. He is extremely competent, taking on board ideas and coming up with creative workable solutions. I would highly recommend his services and hope to call upon him as my business and brand grow.
Farah-Naz Khan


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