Client Project

Implant Success

A market leading Implantology training company looking to rebrand and enhance their online presence with a new website and better systems that would allow for online billing and easily allow them to host more and more courses.

The Brief

Implant Success were looking for a new website to enable online billing including instalment payment methods as well as to create a better first impression for potential students. It was also very important to them to bring across their friendly, approachable and supportive attitude.


New website to list courses and allow users to buy online
Branding & content to convey their inclusive and friendly approach
Multiple payment options including instalments (pay in 3, reserve for £x)
Easily allow scaling in future to more courses

Competitor Analysis

With all my web design projects one of the first steps of the process is competitor analysis. It’s super important to figure out what the competition is doing well and what they’re doing poorly but also, opportunities we want to take; just because a competitor is doing something badly doesn’t mean necessarily we want to do it and equally, just because a competitor is doing something very well doesn’t mean we’ll want to copy it. 


Content including testimonials & video
Create urgency with 'fully booked' & similar
CTAs are clear and repeated often


Inconsistent branding & colour theory
Layout not very clear & can be hard to read
Promotion of other aspects e.g. shop detracts from courses


Branding including application of colour theory
Cleaner layout more highly focussed on the course only
Testimonials & video content

User Personas

We created multiple user personas (below is just a small taste) in order to really understand the needs and frustrations of our users as well as what they expect from a site such as this. We use these personas throughout the project to inform our decisions. 


Nadeem is a highly motivated Dental Associate, but is weary of signing up for more education – Dental school can be brutal, so can be tough to sign up for more. The cost of the courses are high, but he understands the implant industry can be lucrative both in terms of direct financial motivation but also the kudos from peers.

Dentist / Associate
£30-80k PA
South East


Mobile 100%
Desktop 50%
Tablet 50%
Email 80%
Phone 65%
Live Chat 90%


Collecting Data...

I’m just getting some figures together, please check back soon.

James has a great understanding of customer conversion, design and user interface. Everything he did was on time and he's an excellent communicator. He's always looking to solve issues and considers solutions in their entirety, not just how it will look on the website. Look forward to working with James again on future projects!
Dr. Alex Tahalani
Course Director


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